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  1. BE A LEADER: Set the standard for your teammates. Leaders play inspired and are passionate about the game! They are willing to sacrifice themselves and fight for every yard they gain. They also are a good example on and off the field. Leaders have great work ethic; so not only should you be the first one there and the last one to leave, you should also work harder than anyone there.

  2. BE A STUDENT OF THE GAME: First, study your team's playbook inside and out! It is your job to know the system and your terminology. As the quarterback, it is inevitable that the other offensive players will eventually ask you for their assignments...CHAMPION QB's know what every player does on every play. Second, invest time in film study. Studying the plays and play-calls in action will help you fully understand what you have studied in the playbook. Identifying and Reading defenses will make the difference between an average quarterback and a CHAMPION QB.

  3. "AIM" FOR GREATNESS: Don't 'just throw to throw!" Always stretch and warm-up properly (10,20,30 yds) with accuracy being your #1 priority. Have an aiming point or "bull's eye" with every pass. I prefer the target's NOSE, because even if you're slightly off in accuracy, the pass is still in a place where the receiver can catch it. On moving targets, Aim for "1 body in front" of your running receiver. Help your receiver by giving him an accurate and catchable pass!

  4. HAVE A SOLID BASE/FOUNDATION: Balance is everything. Before each throw, ensure your shoulders are square to your target and that your lead shoulder (sight) is locked on your target. Relax the throwing elbow - keeping it down towards your side, take a 'short step' to the target and execute a high to low release, following through towards your target and finishing with your thumb at your opposite pocket. This will allow your pass to turnover with a spin & spiral.

  5. EXPLODE FROM CENTER: Get Back Fast!! Make sure to explode away from under the center or from the shotgun in all of your drops. Get away from the defensive line/linebackers and their rush that is coming towards you!

  6. HAVE QUICK FEET: Good footwork is vital for your drop and especially movement in the pocket. You need to be able to make short, quick movements with your feet in order to avoid the rush and maneuver within the pocket!

  7. USE YOUR EYES TO LOOKOFF DEFENDERS: You know the play...The defense doesn't know the play; all they have to read is your eyes! On a 3 step drop, hold the LB's with your eyes for at least 1 step; on a 5 step, hold the LB's/DB's for at least 3 steps; and on a 7 step, hold the defense with your eyes down the middle for at least 4 steps. Make sure not to stare-down or lock-on your target until it is time to make the throw.

  8. I.H.O.  IS HE OPEN! Is your receiver open? If he is, hit him with an accurate and catchable pass. If he isn't, throw it away, tuck it and run for yardage, or take the sack. DO NOT risk throwing an interception, turnovers will hurt you and your team. KEEP IT SIMPLE...I.H.O.

  9. ALWAYS HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Everything will not always go your way-it's a fact of the game! While you cannot control everything in a game or practice, you can control your attitude. Even when something negative happens, remain positive! Exemplify a Winner- your teammates are watching you and they need to see someone who doesn't doubt...but who BELIEVES!

  10. SERVE YOUR TEAMMATES: As the quarterback, you are in a leadership position. However, in order to lead - you must first be willing to serve. Show your teammates a selfless and unselfish player who puts them first and always desire to make your teammates better: Throw extra on the field; give spots in the weight room...go the extra mile for your teammates. When this is done your team will not only play for you...they will go to war for you.